At Hotel Bellavista we are part of a net of sustainable tourism and we work everyday to be leaders of this change, both in Puerto Varas and throughout Los Lagos Region.

We are committed to preserving the environment and we constantly make improvements that support that commitment. We have optimized processes to use our resources efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and actively participate in local initiatives that favor conscious tourism.


We use equipment that allows us to reduce energy consumption and avoid the use of fossil fuels in our heating and DHW processes.

The hotel’s lights are 100% LED, which contributes to an efficient use of clean energy. In addition, we have a modern aerothermal system used both to heat and to heat water, which extracts environmental energy contained in the air and transfers it to the interior, so we do not use any type of fossil fuel, thus avoiding the production of chemical agents. contaminants. With these actions we avoid the daily consumption of about 200 liters of oil.

cleaning and waste

We recycle all our waste, including cooking oil.
We are implementing a composting system for our organic waste.
Cleaning system based on steam and electricity.

In the same way, the waste generated inside the hotel is fully recycled, including the oil used in 60 Restaurant. In just six months we have delivered more than 2,600 kg of inorganic waste to recycling partners in the area, avoiding the emission of 2 tons of Co2 into the environment.

Our commitment is to recycling and the correct disposal of all our waste.

As of January 2021 we migrated from chemical cleaners to Aqueous Ozone, which is a safe, ecological and sustainable way of cleaning and disinfecting. Only electricity and tap water are needed to produce it. This actions eliminates the use of more than 480 liters per year of chemical products and aerosols with their respective plastic packages, steel and aluminum containers, which are highly polluting agents.


We work with local suppliers in order to contribute to the economic development of the area. We collaborate with local textile recycling initiatives.

Improving the local economy is our commitment: we work mainly with local suppliers for the different needs of the hotel. . This allows us to keep our carbon footprint low and collaborate with our community, working with Fair Trade, helps our suppliers sustain their businesses with us.

We collaborate with local textile recycling initiatives, delivering our sheets and towels that have already fulfilled their useful life. We know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, so we take the necessary steps to be part of the solution. We started 2 months ago and to date we have managed to recycle more than 110 sets of towels and more than 50 products including covers, sheets and duvet covers.

We have the “S” Seal delivered by SERNATUR (National Tourism Service), which certifies that we meet global sustainability criteria, as well as the “Tourist Confidence Seal”, regarding our security measures against COVID-19.