the best place to work in front of the lake

We invite you to work with the best view of the city, in a comfortable, warm environment, with the best breakfast options you want.

You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy this place.

You can work next to a large fireplace and a view of the forest or with a view of the lake, the waterfront.

We are located just steps from the PWe are located in Puerto Varas and we have more private rooms for your meetings, meeting rooms and internet for your connections. Ask about all these services.

We have a private bathroom a few steps from the place.

All Cowork plans have a 20% discount in the restaurant, bar, for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

Hours of operation: 08:30 hrs. – 18:30 hrs.

For more information write to us at

Choose a plan that suits your model.

With the purchase of any of the co-working plans, you can add the use of a private meeting room or boardroom by booking in advance with the Bar60 staff at preferential rates.

• 2 hours $30,000 – IVA included

• 4 hours $50,000 – IVA included